Images as attachments at plain text messages

Hello dear eMClient team,

It would be nice if, as in Thunderbird, you don’t display images in the message body, rather receive them as attachments for plain text messages. Because the immediate display of image could be a security risk.

Thank you for your time and I would be delighted if you thought about the suggestion to only include images in text messages as attachments

Best Regards

Images are never embedded in plain text messages; they are only ever attached.

Maybe there is some misunderstanding because of the way eM Client always displays attached images as previews after the message body. Unfortunately you cannot change that setting.

But there is no security risk with attachments because your anti-virus/malware application would detect that when eM Client tried to download the attachment.

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Thank you for your explanation Gary.

But it would be nice how you write “Unfortunately you cannot change that setting.” if that were possible

Best Regards and a nice weekend to you