Image Sending Re-size Feature

One feature I’d love to see if the option to resize photos once attached (small, medium, large, original). It is much easier than having to use a third party program, converting/saving, then attaching every time I want to send photos.


Unfortunately this is not planned, we are now focusing on features requested by more users.


Hello John,

We have a customer that has recently purchased 150 IceWarp Desktop Clients and have moved from an Outlook environment where image re-sizing was a frequently used feature.

eMails with embedded images used to be < 2MB in size are now > 30MB and they would like to see this feature implemented.

You could also use photo sharing websites (e.g. SmugMug, Flickr, Picasa) or file-sharing websites like DropBox or SendSpace.

Just upload the photos once, and send e-mails with links to those photos…no need to rescale the photos everytime or to send big e-mails.

Hi Hans,

We are aware there are many options available for image sizing but if Outlook has a built in feature then it would be nice if emClient had it too. It would also be so much more convenient than having to move images in and out of 3rd party applications to resize them.

In Outlook you simply insert the images, then with one click select the size adjustment and its done!

But if you let eM Client do the resizing, then your computer needs to do the resizing every time you send images…and maybe the generated images won’t get deleted from your computer…taking up more and more space on your computer.

And you need to select the same images again if you want to send them again, or look for the original e-mail and forward it…all takes time.

Do take into account that there are multiple ways to make the size of images smaller: not only by reducing the dimensions of a photo.

Sometimes I receive an e-mail of my parents with 30 images attached which are all so small that I can barely see the photo :slight_smile: … they have used their e-mail program (or Picasa?) to send those photos in an e-mail to me, relying on the on-the-fly reducing of the photo sizes.

In my experience, most efficient (and best quality) is to upload the photos to a photo sharing website and just e-mail a link to that website.

You can also use Microsoft SkyDrive for example.

If you select the photos you want to send in windows explorer and then right click and choose - send to - mail recipient…you get the option to resize the photos.

This is a great workaround.


This is how Outlook users did it for years

And it is also like eM Client works.

Unfortunately when I do this in Windows 10 it opens a new email in Outlook (my previous client) rather than emClient even though em Client is set as the default email client. Anyone know how to fix this?

Unfortunately it is not sufficient to set emClient up as standard app. You have to go to “set standards per app” (or something similar - I have a German OS):

In the menue that opens, you choose emClient, which opens another menue, where you choose the protocols that will then be assigned to emClient:

be sure to tick off MAILTO and MAPI

That did it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Bei mir geht das irgendwie nicht. Wenn ich alles anhake kommt diese Fenster: