Image loading is slow

When loading emails, images load very slowly.
First you see the boundary lines of the image and then it slowly fills up this boundary. Image loading takes minutes per image. Also saving an image takes this long.
On my phonemail, the images load instantly.
I use eM Client version 9.0.1708 with gmail.
Thanks for your thoughts.

This is generally to do with “image resolution” when you first read the email, as to how quick images load in the body of the email.

Once the email has been fully read, the next time you read that same email, it will load normally within a few seconds as it’s cached.

Thanks for your reply.
You’re partly right. Now the images are there because they are cached. But the initial loading of the images was far too slow. The same as saving the images. It took 8 minutes for 1 image (size 3 MB).
Possible reason is the first time opening eM Client after 2 weeks with the new version 9. Maybe it needed more time to settle everything.

If you want you can set your Account to “Download messages for offline use” to make it quicker.

However it will take more space up in eM Client if you do that. So I personally don’t do that.

Eg: Example Gmail IMAP account below.

Ok, I’ll check if it works for me. :+1: