Image in signature is also shown as attachment

With version 7 when I get an e-mail that has (inline) images in the signature they are also shown as attachments. Is this a bug, a new setting I can change or a “new feature”?

I would like to get rid of it as it’s plain confusing. I’m always finding myself looking into the attachments…


Hello Javier,
does this happen to all signatures or just to messages from certain senders/domain?
In your screenshot you show an example of a gif, but does this happen woth jpg and png files as well?


It’s not all signatures after a more in-depth analysis. It seems the affected ones came form Microsoft Outlook 15 or 16. They have both JPG and/or GIF images in their signatures and sometimes they came from signatures of a forwarded message. I don’t have any PNG files in the examples I found.

After writing this I found a mail sent from IBM Traveler that presents the same issue. I can send you the source mails if needed, just that I won’t post them here.

I also got it with a mail sent by MailDroid/4.30 (Android 6.0.1) so I really don’t know what could be the issue. It’s not the source it seems. In other clients I don’t have this issue with those mails.

Hello Javier,
could you please export some of these emails as EML files and send them to [email protected]?
Please add a link to this forum topic to the body of the message so I can get back to you here.


Hello Javier,
thank you for the files, I just heard from our developers and the issue should be fixed in the next update.


Not fixed in 7.0.26567.0

Olivias message is 7 days old and the update you refer to is 10 days old (as of today) :wink: When em invents the time machine, they will be telling you a year ago!

I applied the update recently so I really don’t know when it was shipped. The about doesn’t really tell anything useful besides the number of the release. So the next time you try to be smart please also try to be useful.

I know, I was trying to be funny :wink: If you want to check dates for updates or find updates before they are notified in the app check

Wondering - why are there releases missing from the release history?

It looks to me like only “milestones” and the latest release are offered. Not so helpful if one wants to roll back to the last minor release if the latest makes trouble. Also I do not like that the setup-files do not include the version, they don’t even include the name of the program itself, just “setup.msi” so keeping older downloads, keeping track of them and finding the right one when needed makes it necessary to consequently rename the downloads manually just in case.

Yes, they need to improve that a lot. I had to revert once when a new version introduced an error that crashed the client and luckily I had the installer at hand and renamed to be properly identified.

Maybe the new $50 price tag will go towards hiring someone to straighten this out. :wink:

Same issue here - installed v7.0.26687.0 from scratch (had v6 before), these images come across as attachments - huge nuisance.  Please fix.

7.0.26687.0 released Wednesday, July 27, 2016 and the issue still persists.

Is this fixed? Is there a work around other than stripping your logo from the signature? It’s confusing to many people as to why there is always an image attached to my emails. I get questioned about it frequently. I hate outlook enough that I would remove the image, but then again this seems like it should be worked around for the convenience of EM users. 

This was definitely fixed (can’t remember which version). Make sure you update to latest version.

I am on the latest version. Still having this issue.