Image Auto Resizing - Will it return? Or is there another solution?

I was wondering about image auto resizing. I noticed it was part of an earlier version but was removed. I work at a computer shop and was considering recommending this software to my clients but this feature is essential for some of them. Will the auto resizing be added back in at a later date?
or can you recommend a third party software that works with em client that does this?


What do you mean by this? Pictures are always resized to fit inbox email window when you receive them.

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Sorry what I meant was when adding an image attachment to an outgoing email it would resize the picture to a suitable size for emails if the file is too large. Most email programs have this option or the ability to add an applet to do this. (ie. Outlook, Thunderbird). I have using Thunderbird for clients but it has it’s own quirks which I will not get into and Windows Live Mail wants image file to go through it’s picture gallery which requires a Microsoft account which many of my client do not want.
Is this an option that will be added to eM Client again? Or is there a third party program that works with it to accomplish the same goal?
Because other then this one feature eM client seems perfect for our customers.


you can use MS paint for easy resizing for example.


Yes, I can use software outside of eM Client to do this. Many of my clients would find this difficult and some would not even know that the large image is the reason their email is not sending. This is why I have set up Thunderbird for them in the past as it has several add ons that allow for Image resizing to happen automatically when attaching an image file. Windows Live Mail and Outlook also have this feature built in. They have other issues that we have had to work around that eM Client deals with beautifully.
I found that this was a feature of an earlier version of your software in your forums but it had issues and would be re-released in a later version. This post was several years old.
As stated previously, I love the eM Client and believe that my clients would as well but having dealt with the auto resizing image attachments issue in the past serveral times I know it would be a deal breaker for them.

As from the reply this is not a feature that can currently be added to the eM Client could you advise me if or when this will be added in the future?
If unknown please pass along that this would great feature to add as I am sure there are others like me waiting for this feature so they can recommend this program to there clients as it is an excellent product otherwise.


We are currently discussing it now, so far I can tell you that eM Client can resize image in new mail, and it will come resized but it works only as magnifier, file size and pixel counts are still same.


Thank you for the prompt response Jan.
I look forward to this option being added in the future.
I personally will continue to use eM Client as it is an awesome product.

Keep up the good work!

I have found an alternate program to work with eM Client until it is added as a feature.
RoboSizer -
You can download the trial which comes with a Free User Licence that removes the trial limitations. I just tested it and it works great with eM Client.