I'm fed up with countless connection errors every day

I have 30 e-mails, half of them are MSN e-mails, I will encounter countless connection errors every day, I really have enough, I don’t want to use eM Client, but there is no other suitable replacement products, and eM Client will not give me a refund, but I really can’t bear it.
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Well, there are issues with your MSN email provider, so that may be the cause.

Please upgrade to the latest release in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

I’m sure I’m using the latest version

If it was me I’d install EM-Client on another PC…and set up the problematic accounts manually (rather than importing them from your existing EMC install). Then once I was satisfied the new setup was stable, I’d import my old emails and contacts.

[If you don’t have another PC to install a fresh copy of EM-C onto, then perhaps install it on a Sandbox programme on your existing PC for testing purposes (I’m currently using the free ‘Sandboxie’ for that very reason…and it works fine …although I’m not sure how 2 installs on the same PC (one Sandboxed) would pan out with the EM-C licence …but technically it might be OK since ‘installing’ onto the Sandbox uses only ‘dummy’ folders and not an actual install to the Windows system)…

Also, restarting your router (and PC) every few days or so (as needed) helps ensure your network connection to your ISP is up to date.

Thank you very much for your reply, I have three licenses, two computers, one laptop, one PC, all in the same situation

Have you tried restarting your router? [or router and modem if you’re on fibre]. This has resolved ‘connection / server’ issues for some users, including myself…

Are you on Wifi, ethernet, or ethernet/Powerline adaptors?

Indeed, I use optical fiber routers. WIFI is connected to the computer. I will try to restart the router to see if it can be improved.

Yes, restart your router, and also restart the adjoining modem if you have one (often there are two boxes for fibre).
…And also restart your PC at the same time…so that it picks up the new IP address.

And as Gary said, make sure you’re on the latest version of EM-Client …

After a few days of trying, I found that restarting the router still can’t solve my problem

I’m not sure what you mean by “encounter[ing] countless connection errors every day” - since I’m unable to open the PNG image links in your first post,

If you’re now on the latest version of EM Client (as per Gary’s earlier link, above), and you’re sure its not your WiFi thats dropping the connection every so often, then I’d consider calling in a local and reliable I.T tech person (one who is familiar with EM-Client) to sort the issue out for you…and then back-up the settings.
It shouldn’t take long and would be worth the cost to get you up and running again.


Fairly new to Em Client
I am having a similar problem. Randomly throughout the day, I will get a message that the login to smtp server failed. Closing the client and reopening usually fixes it. Re-entering passwd does not.

The smtp server is hosted by my webserver company, ICDsoft. 10+ years with Thunderbird and never had a problem.

Any ideas?



martes 06 febrero 2024 :: 1929hrs (UTC +0100)

When you first installed and set up eMC what exactly did you do?
From another life I am aware that ICDsoft have a email migration tool, was this used?
Are you using POP or IMAP?
Just because all was well with Thunderbird it does not automatically follow that eMC will work with the same settings, all email clients have their idiosyncrasies.

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You might want to consider that the problem could be with your VPN, Anti-Virus software or the router.

Temporarily stop the AV and VPN apps and reboot your router

By settings I assume you mean for the smtp server. Same port/security as before.

I do not do any migration. I used IMAP so the emails came threw just fine. I did migrate contracts from Thunderbird.

This should not be hard. On sending mail it randomly gets errors. Works 90% of the time. Restart the app and it usually starts working again. It is the login to the SMTP server that fails.

There should be an error.

Go to Menu > Operations > Log tab. Look for an SMTP error.

I reboot my router once a week or so. I did just turn off the VPN to see if that helps. It works 90% of the time.

I did just change a setting from force ssl/tls to use if available. Any idea what that does?

No errors there now, but I did restart the app. I will keep an eye on it if I get an error.

I did just change force ssl/tls to use if available (it is) to see it that matters??

The settings are specific pairs:

Port 587 = Force usage of SSL/TLS
Port 465 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Port 25 = Use SSL/TLS if available

Thanks, I did not know that.

I am using 587. 25 does not work.


I stoped using VPN. It was good for a day. Here is the log info:

8:54:05 AM Tim [SMTP] MailClient.Accounts.AuthenticationAbortedException: Authentication aborted
at MailClient.Protocols.Smtp.SmtpSendCommand.Authenticate(WorkerStatus status)
at MailClient.Protocols.Smtp.SmtpSendCommand.Connect(WorkerStatus status)
at MailClient.Protocols.Smtp.SmtpSendCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)
at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)
EnqueuedStackTrace =
at MailClient.Protocols.Smtp.SmtpAccount.<>c__DisplayClass5_0.b__0()
at MailClient.Protocols.Common.AccountBase.RunIfOnline(Action actionIfOnline, Action actionIfOffline)
at MailClient.Protocols.Smtp.SmtpAccount.SendAsync(IEnumerable1 items, Action1 sentItem, Action`1 completed, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
at MailClient.Accounts.BindingAccountBase.SendInternal()
at MailClient.Accounts.BindingAccountBase.Send()
at MailClient.Accounts.AccountManager.SendAllInternal(Boolean checkIncludeInGlobalOperations)
at MailClient.Accounts.AccountManager.SendAndReceiveAll(Boolean checkIncludeInGlobalOperations)
at MailClient.Program.<>c.b__279_0(Task _)
at System.Threading.Tasks.ContinuationTaskFromTask.InnerInvoke()
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.<>c.<.cctor>b__272_0(Object obj)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunFromThreadPoolDispatchLoop(Thread threadPoolThread, ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.ExecuteWithThreadLocal(Task& currentTaskSlot, Thread threadPoolThread)
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.ExecuteEntryUnsafe(Thread threadPoolThread)
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.ExecuteFromThreadPool(Thread threadPoolThread)
at System.Threading.ThreadPoolWorkQueue.Dispatch()
at System.Threading.PortableThreadPool.WorkerThread.WorkerThreadStart()
at System.Threading.Thread.StartCallback()
GUIStatus_Exception_Reported = True
8:54:42 AM Tim IMAP Synchronizing folder list