If I download free eM Client can I have two email accounts plus my iCloud Contacts and Calendar

Which eM client should I get - free or Pro? I can’t get iCloud contacts and calendar into my eM Client

The first consideration is if you are using eM Client for business or personal. If it is for business you need to get a Pro License.

If it is for personal use, you can use a Free License, configured with a maximum of 2 email accounts.

I believe free or PRO eM client will not solve your problem concerning iCloud data into eM…  I migrated from Outlook and had similar problems, a month ago.  It just not get it…

wbraga, iCloud calendars and contacts are both supported by eM Client. Please don’t make comments that are untrue.

If you have some difficulty configuring your accounts, please post them to this forum. I am sure someone can help you.

It is for personal use but I need to know if the free license will allow me to add my iCloud Contacts and iCloud Calendar as well as two accounts?
In other words, do iCloud Contacts and Calendar count as a third client?

I had indeed a few problems, Gary.   I put them here and the help did not help.  Any way, the first part of my comment, at least, is true.  The problem mentioned does not depend on either free or pro.  I insist on that.  By the way, I believe you did not answer Malcom ́s question.  Please, take a look on his question and your answer.  

wbraga, your other comments on this forum deal with folders, not iCloud accounts. Seeing as you insist, why will the Pro License not be suitable for configuring with iCloud?

Sorry Malcolm, I believe I did not answer your question.

The Free License is limited to 2 accounts. If you wish to use more than 2, you will need to purchase a Pro License.

I will add that in some instances, like with GMail, you can add the email account separate from the calendar/contacts, and it only counts as one account. Maybe that is because of the same email address in both accounts.

It seems, Gary, I was unable to make clear my view.  Considering the said differents between free and Pro (as advertised and also from your comment), it is safe to consider that the problem Malcom is facing is not affected by either version.  That is, the problem is somewhere else.   I am not insisting but I do have some experience with email clients (several) and they all are kind of uncompleted tasks. But, I am sorry, understanding others questions is not an easy task and I did not mean any disrespect.  Peace!

if the server you are connecting to contains a Mail service, it will count as a Mail account. So, even if you sign up ‘just’ the calendar but the iCloud account has a mailbox, it will count as a Mail account.

Thanks Olivia,
That answers my question. I will need to buy eM Client if I want my iCloud Contacts and Calendar to be on it.