if I delete a mail account do I lose it's contacts and old calendar ?

If I stop using an email account I don’t want to lose the contacts or old calendar events.

This would happen  when I change ISP and no longer have access to that email address. I also need to be able to refer back to old calendar events that occured in the past too.

So how do I delete the email account on eM client but retain the calendar and address book entries  ?

I think your e-mails, appointments and contacts will NOT go away when you delete an e-mail account.

But to be sure: make a backup first (using eM Client) and copy the data directory of eM Client (using Windows Explorer) before you delete the e-mail account.

yes, thats what I think too. if I archive and delete and find that they do where would they go if I then restore them as the account isn’t there then.

Hi, you can export all your emails into a .eml files or into a local folder for example as well as your contacts and calendars.
If you’re in a process of getting a new mail service (ISP), you can setup your new email account and move all your data from one account to the other.

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sorry to be dense. Are you saying that I would have to manually extract all the contacts and calendar data and then import it intothe new contact and calendar for the new email account or is there a facility within the application to import them automatically ?
Alternatively is it possible to simply retain the old calendar and address books and access them from the application after the email account is deleted ?
So I think part of my question is when you delete an existing email account are the calendar and addressbook deleted too ?

Yes, if you want to move between mail services you have to do this manually. You don’t have to export anything out of the application really, but you have to move all your folders from one provider to the other.

You can also merge all your data on the server, but you’d probably have to get more information on this from your mail service provider.
This would be probably most efficient.

I hope this helps, there’s unfortunately no settings that would allow you to move all your data from one account to the other, you have to do everything manually.

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So I think part of my question is when you delete an existing email account in your application are the calendar and addressbook deleted too ?

Yes, there’s no way of getting those data back unless they are stored on your server (which they should be if you’re using IMAP and calendar service), that way once you setup the account again it should get synchronized.

But locally there will remain no data to be accessed once you delete the account.

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Hi, no problem, if you have any more questions or issues with the application, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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Thanks for your time but it looks like the app wont do what I actually need. As an example with thunderbird you can have multiple addressbooks and calendar held solely within Thunderbird/ Lightning. So when I change job or ISP I can simply delete the email account and the records remain as an audit trail which is compartmentalised according to an easily identified period.


Suppose I have used an e-mail account ‘A’ using POP3, and I’ve moved all those e-mails from my ‘inbox’ to local folders.

Suppose I remove e-mail account ‘A’.

Will all my e-mails, contacts and appointments related to account ‘A’ be removed?

Somehow I have the feeling that all those e-mails, contacts and appointments will still be available in eM Client…

from what Paul was saying the contacts and the calendar entries will be lost. Obviously the local folder emails will still remain.

Hi, yes as I mentioned all the data tied to that email will be deleted. If you try to delete the account you also get a warning “Deleting an account will also locally remove all folders and items in this account tree.”.

Your Local folders will of course remain without change.

I’m sorry if this is an issue for you, hope you can manage to use this setting,

It seems likely that this process is built into the application by design to encourage people to pay for the full version. The free version is restricted to two accounts and this makes adding and removing additional accounts impractical.