Ideas for the best Email Client of the world

As always I tried again EM last version (as I try - and/or buy - all Email clients)

For the moment, but for the moment only… Foxmail 7093 is still the best

For perfect mail client you must add

  1. Cursor variable position (to send automatic mails or replies)… why not a {cursor}???
    Like F7093, The Bat, Thunderbird

  2. Preview pdf, xls, word, powerpoint, jpg, png attachments INSIDE mail window (like F7093 or Outlook)
    In business environment more than 50% of email have one of these attachments and it is really really fastidious to :
    clic on attachment word 1
    go on word
    return to EM
    clic on attachment word 2
    go on word
    return to EM
    clic on attachment xls
    go on excel
    return to EM
    clic on attachment pdf
    go to acrobat
    return to EM… etc
    More faster : single clic on attachment word 1, preview it in full EM mail pane, single clic on attachment word 2, preview it in full EM mail pane, single clic on attachment xls 1, preview it in full EM mail pane
    I think it is obvious for everybody that it is easier and quicker… isn’t it

  3. Display each Inbox in Smart folders, most of email clients do it

  4. Button/arrow (the same than contact detail)  to open/close folders pane : better than dragging 
    Thats very usefull on small laptops screens (like Postbox or Thunderbird)

  5. Better display full mail in mail pane when using contact detail than only a small popup
    No email clients do it

  6. Reorder IMAP folders for each account in folders pane … (or am I wrong?) really it is a basic function, many email clients do it
    It is really USEFULL when you have (like me) a great folders tree and that you work for 15 days and everyday on (for example) W folder …
    In F7093 (or others email clients) you can drag W folder on the top of folder tree… and you play for time 50 times a day if you have to move or consult a W folder 50 a day during 15 days for an very important work…

  7. create a vintage skin …
    All ophtalmologists know that these fashionable white skins are bad for eyes… and for ergonomy
    Having the CHOICE with an old skin like Thunderbird 0.1 should be excellent

8.  custom toolbar main window… less clic you do in a day better you’re
many email clients do it

  1. custom toolbar message : idem, with receip button

  2. customisable delay for sending message (like many clients, Thunderbird, The Bat)
    VERY important in business use (everybody know someone who has been dismiss for a mistaken email sent too kickly)

  3. following message in Smart folders like EM do… why not
    But better following messages at the top of each account message pane (with a max of 5 per example, F7093 do it very well)

  4. I tried to custom move a folder with F12… but it doesn’t work… when I select a mail…
    But perhaps am I wrong???
    The idea is to do the same than «V» Postbox, wich is quick and excellent

  5. drag and drop IMAP folder and create a favorites folders taskbar (like Axel Grude GREAT «quickfolders» addon in Thunderbird and Postbox)

  6. small bug … in french version, variable date display month in… english

As you can see the perfection is not here…


You can be quiet, for the moment they’re no perfect email client in the world

F7093 is the most close of this perfection (preview attachments, template for each account send reply forward, automatic index pane, reorder IMAP folder) but it is a little bit slow and old and some functionality will never be improved (like quickfolders taskbar for example).

I’m a specialist of Email clients… if you want some more informations do not hesitate, ask me.

Best regards

PS1 - tell me If I’m wrong about some functions that I perhaps missed

Hi, thank you for all your suggestions, we’ll go through the list and consider adding some of the missing features, but please note, some features have already been implemented into the application, such as:

2.) You can preview multiple file formats in the message directly by hovering over the attachment, or you can use the “Contact details” option in the left sidebar and use the attachment history feature, or you can use the attachment history window, where you can view the preview in a larger scale.

5.) not really sure what you mean, can you maybe make a screenshot of the issue?

7.) You have the option to choose from several default themes while installing the application or in Tools > Settings > Appereance, also you can find some themes created by our users here on the forum.

10.) this is a planned feature for upcoming releases.

11.) can you please explain this feature a bit more?

12.) F12? The default shortcut for copy or move to folder is Ctrl+shift+c/v

14.) Can you please contact my colleague Wilson at [email protected] with any translation bugs?


Dear Paul

Thank you for your reply

  1. Look at the difference

EM 1 view - impossible to read 1st or X page

EM 2 view - - impossible to read 1st or X page

Foxmail 7093 and… I can read the X pages of my pdf, word… etc INSIDE mail pane… really great

Is it necessary to explain more???
Is it a third view with EM that similar to F7093

  1. I mean : when hovering on mail yes you can see a small pop up of your mail… ok it is not bad… but not very usefull

I think better
When you click on the mail in contact details pane
It display the hole message in message pane

Currently when you click on a mail in contact details pane
the mail displayed in mail pane is the previous mail you displayed
and not the mail you clicked on in contact details

Not easy to explain… 

  1. excellent

Try to plan various delay for each account (like templates) because for business it can be different than for family or spare time

The Bat delay system is a good one

The Nirvana should be…
(I didn’t add it to the list because it was enough lengthy lol)
…A planning possibility to send mailing
example EMA
Could be : send a mail every minute to the xxxx recipients of the mailling list X… absolutely fantastic isn’t it?

I think it is also the idea of this guy…

  1. F7093 - spin mail are at the top of message pane list.
    The better solution should be to have the CHOICE to spin at the top of message pane list or not…

When you have too many spin mail the F7093 good solution is to show 8 (a little bit too much, 5 should be good or the CHOICE to display x spin mail should be the better solution), and you have the choice to «show all/montrer toutes» (in green) or only the last 8

under you see the second solution «more recent» (eight mails)

  1. 2.) «F12? The default shortcut for copy or move to folder is Ctrl+shift+c/v»

I know but it is obvious that pressing only ONE key is easier than pressing THREE keys

With Posbox you press «V» (look the snapshot under) ONLY SELECTING MAIL IN THE MESSAGE PANE and display it in right pane window (and not double clicking on the mail to open it in a separate window which is (most of the time) completely unnecessary


So as you let the possibility to change you shortcuts I tried to do the same as Postbox choosing F12 (because it is not possible to choose a letter… snapshot)

But (or I’m wrong) it doesn’t work if you only select mail in message pane… and display it in righ pane window
you MUST double click and open the mail in a separate window to have F12 functionnal…

The Postbox solution is really better

  1. skins …

Ok I’m looking at skins in the forum

  1. ok I contact him

Here is the problem

It is «ok» (but short date is easier than full date lol) when you insert date and time in variable (last line)
But it is wrong (blue line) when you use date et heure … october is not french

Hi again, as I noted above you can use the “Attachment history” window to view the full size, however it is not possible to view more pages of the pdf file.
Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding it to future releases.


Hi, we’re currently working on a conversation view for future releases which should resolve this “issue”.
Threaded/conversation view is currently not supported.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi again, I believe that this is again a request for the conversation view that’s currently in development.

Thank you,

Thank you, I believe this is a bug of the application, I’ve reported the issue to the developers for more information.


Ok excellent

Thank you

For the moment I’m a little bit sceptic with you answer…
For me it is not a conversation view problem, conversation is different isn’t it?

But just have the CHOICE to spin the important/flagged mail (and conversation perhaps if you want) on the top of the mail list (for each account separately)

Hum I absolutely do not mean conversation…


If you click on the 1st mail on the right in the contact details pane

You open the popup which is nice but useless because nothing can be read on it
And on the back in the full mail pane you see the 1st mail (but only because it is the first)

If you click on the 2nd mail on the right
You open the popup which is nice but useless because nothing can be read on it
And on the back in the full mail pane you ALWAYS see the 1st mail

  1. this automatic research (idem F7093) in Contact detail pane of the selected email is EXCELLENT … really

  2. BUT the real outcome of this view (contact details) should be to (forgot the popup that is useless) display the selected mail in full mail central pane…

THIS should be GREAT and really USEFULL

Indeed currently if you want to see … and READ the second, third… etc mail selected in contact details pane you must… double click on the second mail then close it, double click on the the third mail, then close it, then double click on the fourth, then close it… etc… very fastidious… (or am I wrong?)

And (I’m quite sure) absolutely NO Email client is able to do this
EM Client should be the first and only one…

The important and usefull thing should be to display the full mail AND be able to send again, forward, look at attachments… etc use it like if it was in the inbox

Hi Adrien, the contact details pane shows the messages (based on your settings) between you and the server, so I believe we could call the feature you’re describing as conversation view.
As I previously noted we’re currently working on eM client redesign that will contain the conversation view feature, so navigation through your recent emails should be easier with the upcoming release.

I understand what you’re describing, but unfortunately this exact feature is currently not on our roadmap towards next release.

In the meantime you can check out the preview for version 7 on our facebook page.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi again, conversation view is not a single feature, it can be more complex and offer multiple options how to view your incoming mail, I believe what you’re describing should be included in future releases, as posted above, you can check out some of the sneak peaks on our facebook page.

Thank you,

ok thank you

Ok thank you