Ideas for Future Releases...

I’m currently using emClient as a replacement for Thunderbird. I truly loved Thunderbird, but it is ‘buggy’ now and I can’t seem to get it working properly anymore… just can’t afford to ‘lose’ more emails there. emC is about the best alternative I’ve found… but still not happy with it.  The following three items really need to be more like TBird… not because I just liked TBird and want a clone, these are USEFUL and time-saving.

  1. Opening folders that have a significant amount of subfolders, emC taks a bit to finally get them opened up. I’m constantly moving files around to stay organized. These extra seconds each and every time add up.

  2. When right-clicking on a folder to add a new subfolder, the ‘focus’ of the preview window changes. Very often the new folder filename I want it to be is in that preview window (in the email I’m currently looking at).  But that window goes blank. So, have to go back to the specific email, copy the line I want, then go back to adding a new folder where I want.  Right-clicking and adding new subfolder name should NOT remove the focus of the current email you’re on.

  3. When seaching for specific lines, emails, etc… there should be an option to open a found email directly from the folder it’s located in.  An ‘open in folder’ feature.  I have to look at, try to remember the full path, then navigate there.  Again, this time just adds up.

I own/run two websites, I get emails/orders/inquires/etc from both sites… plus all my normal non-business emails.  I have to keep all this organized to be able to find anything.  Doing ‘normal’ tasks take a lot longer because of delays in opening folders, searching, etc., all add up.  I think emC is currently a decent email app… but could be great.  Guess up to the developers.

I have not been able to reproduce this failing in point 2. Every test I ran, the focus remains in the folder where I am, and the new sub-folder is created elsewhere as expected.

What version of eM Client are you using Greg?

I have version 7.1.32088.0

Did some more testing of the #2 issue.  I generally am in Smart Folders ‘All Inboxes’. When the focus is in one of those selections, right-clicking another folder to add subfolder moves focus to a blank view. HOWEVER, if I’m actually in the inbox of an email account (NOT in the Smart Folder ‘All Inboxes’)… right-clicking keeps the focus where it was when I started.  So, appears to be an issue when in All Inboxes.  But I’m ALWAYS in All Inboxes… that just suits my purposes better.

Yes, you’re quite right. :0

So, I"m a bit screwed.  If I can’t work as well while actually in ALL INBOXES, then why is that option even available?  I’ve 5 email accounts 4 work-related and one personal.  It’s soooooo much easier for me to just always look in All Inboxes and move the emails from there.

If you have a Pro License, you could open a support ticket and have the developers look into it, as you should expect the same behaviour no matter which folder you are in.

I purchased Pro because I’ve 5 emails… the free 2-email version just wasn’t going to work.  Looking into how to open ‘Pro’ ticket now.