idea: I would like to be able to show all red starred items at once

i would like to be able to isolate any colored categories and show them as a group.  all red starred, for instance…

The " idea" is already reality. 
Just click the  Category  column header.
if that item doesn’t  show  - add it via  R-click on  one of the visible Column headers
and choose   Column Configuration…

You can also use  “Show in Groups” using the same method. (r-click a Column header)

Another great way to accomplish this is through “Search Folders”.  Right-click on the “Search Folders” item in the message list pane and select “New search folder”.  Then create a query and it will act as a folder that only contains the items in your query and it is dynamic.

“Many roads lead to Rome” 
Advantage of your method that it only shows those specific items.

With the other method it shows them together ,but you see the other groups too.

You’re right DiggerP, there are many ways to accomplish the same thing and that’s why these forums are great, you get many good ideas and the user can decide on what best fits his needs.  Keep up the good posts!