Idea for Google Keep, Facebook, Google Drive integration.

I absolutely love eM client! The quick version is I moving
over from Outlook and a Gmail user. I’m noticing some the posts on questions about Google Keep, Google drive, and Facebook, Dropbox. That because these things are not email related that’s nothing is being planned to incorporate these into eM client.


A suggestion might be when I was looking at different clients, one of the six I think it was “mailbird” had just a tab labeled Facebook, Google Drive, Google Keep etc. at the same location as email, calendar, tasks. What they had done was under those tabs simply had the browser interface open. This might be a simple way to incorporate some of those without a true complete interface. If eM client had something like that I could pretty much delete everything else on my computer. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s nice when everything’s incorporated into one desktop interface. It was one of the features that almost won me over!

Just some thoughts, love your product “I am drinking the Kool-Aid.” I am committed to eM client.

Hi Timothy thank you for your suggestion and for your constructive thought on the product, we’ll consider adding this feature to future releases of eM client.

Thank you,