ICS Attachements do not show

Dear emClient Team,
I really like your software and consider to buy a set of licences for our enterprise. However, I am currently facing a major issue. If somebody sends me a email with a calendar invite ics file, this does not show in emClient. In some cases, I see the appointment details in the mail and can reject / accept it. In other cases, I just get an empty mail without any event info. The .ics file is not included in the list of attachements. Any idea why this is and what I can do to fix it?
Thanks & best regards,

What version of eM Client are you using Mark, and were you having the same issue on previous versions?

Hi Gary, its version 7.2.36694.0. Only started using the software recently, so I dont know. Thanks, Mark

Yes, 7.2.36694 has a few issues. Maybe this is one of them.

Just uninstall the application, choosing NOT to delete your database when asked. Then download and install 7.2.35595 from the Release History. See if there is any difference with that one.

Tried that, but doesnt change anything, unfortunately.

Sorry Mark, I was hoping it was just a bug in the recent release as there have been some issues mentioned on this forum about messages missing content.

My experience with eM Client and event invites has always been with the invite coming from the calendar server (but sent from the organizers address) and not as an email from the organizer with an attachment.

You did not say who is your calendar provider, or from which calendars these invites are coming. Maybe someone can comment if there was more information.

Dear Gary,
thanks for your help, anyway! Highly appreciated!
These invite files come from Outlook. Interestingly, if I forward the email (from the organizer) to an Gmail inbox, the invite shows in the email and the .ics file is in the attachement. So it really is just an issue of emclient not showing the attachement.

If you had a Pro License you could open a support ticket and see if they could sort it for you. But while you are evaluating, what can you do? Don’t know if it is solvable or not. 

I have precisely the same issue: Invites from outlook do not show the mime-attachment.ics.
I can see (and use) the attachment in the following apps:

  • MailBird
  • Calendar on iPhone
  • Mail
  • Web-Client of our email provider.

I’m using 9.2.2157 (5b49542)

In eM Client, the ics invitation is displayed in the message body.

I have marked the ics display in a green box like this:

When you click on Accept or Tentative, the event will be added to your calendar. If you click on Decline, as you are not attending the event, it won’t be added.