Icons on Mail Sender


I see a nice feature on the Mailbox.

For each mail a nice icon for the sender is added. For example a red T for a Telefom Sender.

Where does came the ICON from?

Are all possible icon stored locally during Installation or will the emClient ask a cloud service for the icon for the Mail sender.

They are called avatars.

In most cases they are retrieved from the Internet from the sender’s profile or domain. In that case you might see a company logo or some other type of image. If an image is not available from the Internet, we use a monogram, so the initials of the sender’s name. But we can also show the avatar for the contact you have in eM Client, if you have one set up for that sender.

Where will it downloaded?

Is it the ICON which normally will be displayed on the Browser if I go the URL for example T-systems.com?

thanks for quick response


Where does came the ICON from

If you want a global Avatar profile icon connected to your email address which also works in eM Client and alot of other sites now you can setup one at Gravatar. Its widely used.