Icon Size

Size of Icons in compose mail window: these are really small, and make selecting the correct icon difficult.  I note that there is a note that this issue has been raised previously 2 years ago, and is marked ‘under consideration’.  Even having icons the size of those in this screen would help.  Yes, I have looked through the help file, but cannot find any reference to a feature in what is otherwise an excellent client.

Hello David, unfortunately eM Client is not currently supporting High Resolution displays, however it does include a touch mode that can be enabled on desktops with higher resolution which increases the size of clickable items when using Ctrl+F11.

We’re currently working on a new version of eM Client which will include a redesigned user interface with support for high definition resolution displays.


Dear  Paul,
Thank you for this.  I am currently running eM on a MacBook Pro in Bootcamp with Win 7 in 1900 x 1200 scaled resolution.  Even then the size of the toolbar icons is too small.  Interestingly, the icons in this reply display window are of an ideal size…

I await the new version of the client with interest.