Icon on desktop

let me know how to get an icon on my desktop

No idea what you are asking. Please supply more detail!!!

???..simple: to create an icon on the desktop!
as all sw in the world.

Remember, I do not work for eM Client and do not read minds!

“Like all software in the world”, eM CLient manages to create an icon when you install. Simple!

absolutely no, not on the desktop but in the struments bar, infact when I close the client, there are not icon of the client on the monitor

Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about… so I will let others take a shot at what you are referring to… before I go, I will state that eM Client when running, its icon appears in the application bar (lower left). And the eM Client icon appears on the desktop along with its app name of eM CLient.

Good luck…

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Locate the installation folder of Em Client. Find “MailClient.exe”.

MailClient.exe -->send to desktop (create shortcut)

Rename if necessary.

Is your operating system Windows 10?

thank I’ll try, yes w10

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Click Start, locate eM Client in your apps list (not using Search)
Click and hold eM Client and drag it to your Desktop.