Icon in taskbar never goes away by itself After reading Emails.

I have a odd issue. when I receive emails I get a envelope icon in my taskbar that never seems to go away, at times I can have as many as 15 of these envelopes in my taskbar (lower right)  when i hover on them they then disappear one at a time. not that it is a huge deal, but it gets quite annoying.
Has anyone seen this before and how do I solve it?

Hello Darren,
there should be one icon indicating a new message which should go away once you open eM Client.
Could you please take a screenshot when this happens next time?
Also please include information about the version of your Windows OS and eM Client version number from Menu>Help>About.


Hello Thank you for your reply. I am running Windows 10 X64   eM Client version is 7.0.27943.0 I have a video actually of the issue.