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Is there no way to set the option to show the number of unread emails on the task bar icon in OS X? Can’t seem to find that anywhere.

It’s been almost a year since you asked this question; I just downloaded eM and have the same question. Did anyone ever answer? It doesn’t look like it.

As @Gary advised in this thread eM Client already does this in V9 for Mac.

Yes, we actually had this in version 8 as well. If it is not showing, you can change this in the Mac OS settings: System Preferences > Notifications > eM Client


I have the same question and am using 8.2.1687 since there is no update or download of v9 available that I can find. “Search for update” says “No update available”, and downloading from the website gets me 8.2.1687.

But I did find the setting, although it was a bit surprising that it was in the MacOS system settings, but that’s the way Apple designed it. Perhaps a setting in the eM Clients settings could point there for convenience and visibility…


As the new V9 for Mac is still in Beta 3 nearly officially released soon, you can d/l the latest Mac Beta 3 from the following version history page.

Before upgrading after downloading the Beta 3. Backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” along the Mac menu dropdown at the top of the program.

Then once backed up close eM Client and run the install which will automatically update your current version and should all work fine.

Any Mac feedback on the V9 Beta 3 send to [email protected] untill officially released.

When eM V9 program is officially released it will then automatically update officially updates built-in, when they are released by the company as normal with V8. But won’t till then so keep checking the version history page till released.

Also the Beta Mac and Windows clients don’t normally have Licences so keep your current Clients Free and Pro V8 eM Client backups in separate folders to restore back if any issues.

What about the favourite folders new emails? The icon badge shows only the inbox new emails. Thanks

What about the favourite folders new emails? The icon badge shows only the inbox new emails.

Enabling show icon badges in Mac OS notifications “is only meant to show Inbox notifications” as in the below Favourites “All Inboxes and Unread Gmail message example” as @Gary advised.


(Setup icon badge count notifications in Mac OS)