iCloud Reminders problem

Hello there,
Since some versions of eMClient I ́ve got some weird problems.

  1. After some time, the names of created reminders get modified with some dots. Like “Normal reminder” -> " * * * Normal reminder" (only with recurring reminders!)
  2. If a reminder has no end, the notification sync will remove the notification after some time. Thus, I never get a notification. Ex: I’ve set a reminder for writing down the reading of the energy meter. Every day at 21:30. After a few times eMClient showed a notification, my iPhone stops to notify me about it. When I look into the reminders app, the notification feature is set to “off”.
  3. There ́s no clear way to dismiss the reminders like “Task finished” or “Task finished, next reminder in a day (or the like)”
    I hope you can understand me what I ́m trying to tell you :slight_smile:

Here you can see the dots I ́ve mentioned.

  • In addition to that, I can’t see a clear way to tell eM Client that the task is done today but not completely , so it has to remember me in X (which is set in the reminder).

  • eMClient wont remember the time it has to notify me about tasks correctly. Sometime it defaults back to 10:00 at the day I’ve edited the task.

  • When a task got a notification in eM Client (like writing down the energy meter reading) and it will be set as done on another device, like my iPhone, the notification still pops up evey few minutes. Syncing with the server (iCloud) wont fix this. The task even got removed from the agenda list. Restarting didn’t fix it.

Edit: formatting, grammar and adding some other quirks I’ve found