iCloud fault

This is the second time in last 3 days I have got this error: 6.0.20154.0 (02/04/2014 12:50:22 PM)

  • Fixed creating of contact and calendar folders on iCloud
  • Workaround for Apple Server 3.1.1 not sending VTIMEZONEs in events
  • Fixed autodiscover on Kerio, currently defaults to EWS and doesn’t setup CalDAV/CardDAV anymore
  • Workaround a crash with unsupported recurrence rules on Exchange
  • Don’t try to discover IMAP/POP3/SMTP when setting up an Exchange account
  • Fixed moving of a folder as a children of the account root on Exchange
  • Enabled NTLM and Negotiate authentication for Autodiscover since some Exchange servers allow only these authentication schemes

I did not sign up for any iCloud service, what is being set up and how do I stop this. I have done searches of my computer and cannot find any info. The only Sony product I have is a “Walkman”, I use for audiobooks only. I have also Quick Time player installed, but I have never used this. Last recovery, full format install about a month ago. Can you help with this, I do not want any of my personal info stored on any server or iCloud

Hi, this is not an error this is an update for the application, the list just provides a full information on what’s new in this update, even though you’re not using iCloud it’s probably a good idea to install this application update.

Thank you for understanding, if you have any more issues or question to this, let us know.