iCloud email account is not syncing for sent items

I am new to eM Client and have set up my personal icloud email account. It seems to have come across OK (which it didn’t do with Outlook, which is why I’m trying eM Client) but now I see that the Sent items do not sync and are not up to date. The only emails shown as Sent in eM Client are the ones I send from my windows computer through eM Client. If I send an email from my iPhone or from iCloud webmail, it doesn’t appear in eM Client. However, I can see emails sent through eM Client in the Sent items on my phone or in iCloud webmail. There is no error message in eM Client. Any suggestions please? It’s not very helpful as an email program if it’s not a complete record.

I also have a gmail account set up in eM Client and that seems to be syncing fine.

Hi, I had the same issue. This thread includes how I was helped to solve it: iCloud Sent mail - not syncing - #4 by Consul-tico
Hope it helps.