iCloud contacts 'Failed to upload item'

I just setup em Client.  I am syncing with iPhone contacts through iCloud.  eM Client downloaded all iCloud contacts fine, but every time I edit a contact with eM Client, I receive the following error:
'Failed to upload item “Smith, JIm”
You may choose to delete item …"
and given choice to delete or ignore the item.

new items added in em Client update to contacts, but edits in em client won’t work

7 days and no reply…what happened to ‘frequently monitor this form’…

2 weeks and no reply…

Did you ever get a response or resolution to this problem?  Having the exact issue.

Did you ever get a response or resolution to this problem?  Having the exact issue.

NEVER got a reply.  I’m about done with this crap program.  Still having same issue with other updated contacts. 

Are you able to update contacts in icloud and have them update in emclient?  I can, just not the other way!
I just started looking into this (I’m new to this forum & and not exactly certain how I got here?), if I run across something, I’ll try and let you know.

Some update from the em client, some don’t.  All update from iphone without problem (iCloud contacts)

I may have found something, seems to have fixed my issue anyway. 

I assume you have emclient on a desk top or laptop.  If so, click on the Contacts tab (lower left), you should see your icloud account with a check in the "card " box.  Highlight and right  click on “card”,  you should get a drop down menu with “properties” at the bottom.  Click on properties and you should get a box, card - Folders Properties.  Click on the Repair tab.  Read it carefully, it says it resyncs the local cache but in the process it also deletes it.  I took a chance and it seems to have worked, for now anyway.

Hope this helps.

Didn’t work for me.  All it did was download the unedited contact from iCloud.  Any edits I make in eM Client contacts on the desktop won’t update to iCloud.

Sorry that method didn’t work for you, as it seems it didn’t for most all who tried it!  Some said they had to completely delete the entire account and reinstall it and even that didn’t work for everyone.  I guess it was just my lucky day!  Sorry, I got nothing else to offer but if I happen to run across something I’ll try and post it.  Good luck.

thanks for the effort!

For me, the answer was to delete the account in eM Client and then set up my iCloud account again.  It’s not destructive to your iCloud account.  It just deletes the local info and re-gets everything from the server.  Once I did this, I was able to create contacts without error in eM Client that I can now see on my other devices and also in iCloud proper.

Well, it only worked for a day.  Now it’s giving me the error again.  I’m sorry if I misled anyone with the above ‘fix’.