icloud contact folders do not display the same in em Client

I have my icloud contacts in multiple folders - work, clubs, home, etc. That’s how they are categorized in icloud. When I setup the icloud contact account in em Client, they are all jumbled together and not discreet. Is there a fix?

Hi, could you make screenshot of what you consider as jumbled together? I am using iCloud for contacts as well and I see them separated from each other.

Also what view do you use? Business cards, custom view or anything else?


I just installed the application today, and I have the same problem. All my iCloud contacts are bundled in a folder called “card”. My viewing layout doesn’t matter. I’m providing a screenshot showing Gmail and iCloud contacts; you can see that Gmail has the appropriate groups/categories, whereas iCloud only has “card” (you’ll have to take my word that my iCloud contacts contain 14 groups).
I guess what I’m actually seeing is that, while eM does see my Groups as Categories, it isn’t visualizing them as separate folders. I also can’t create new folders. Any info appreciated!

There was a similar question a year ago by another user and the response then by George Wilson - employee - was that iCloud groups were displayed as distribution lists… but this doesn’t seem to be so - at least not anymore.

That being said, I’ve noticed that same thing, that all iCloud contacts are placed in the folder ‘card’. Similarly, I would like the contacts placed into categories/folders that match the iCloud groups.

I would also like to say… great application. Haven’t seen anything else that can access iCloud contacts directly - save for Outlook - and overall the functionality is quite good. Oh, it would be great also if we could hide the menu bar. :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry for the late reply.
Exactly as my colleague mentioned to Greg, iCloud groups aren’t currently supported same way as they are in Gmail, if you already have some groups on your iCloud account, they should be in the main folder displayed as another contact, opening this contact you should see a distribution list filled with contacts from that group.

We’re currently considering some changes in this feature, the handling of icloud’s could be more similar to google’s in the future, but no set date yet.

Thank you for understanding,

Hopefully you change this soon. This is the only thing stopping me from moving over from Microsoft Outlook.

‘- Fixed creating of contact and calendar folders on iCloud’ is misleading, as it hasn’t fixed it. It just made the groups as we know them into distribution lists

Hi, I’m sorry you’re having this issue, as I said we might see some changes in future releases.
Thank you,