iCloud Calendar Account Disappeared After Previously Working Properly

HELP! After functioning properly since I first installed eMclient, my iCloud calendar disappeared from eMclient today and I cannot get it back. I verified that the data is safe by logging into the iCloud calendar on another device but I cannot get the calendar to reappear in eMclient.

I even tried deleting the account and then re-adding it as a new account. When I did that, the new account showed up in the mail area (even though I don’t have mail linked on this account) but not in the calendar area.Why has this account disappeared? I didn’t make any changes to the program and when I closed it on Friday afternoon it worked fine. Then, when I turned on my computer on Monday morning the account was gone.

I need help with this problem ASAP. ANyone got any ideas?

Same problem!

Same problem here. Calendar and reminders… gone :frowning:

Hi, do you use 6th beta or 5th version?

Anyway we know about this issue and developers are working on fast solution to this issue.


I tried both, to solve the problem. Didn’t work in any.

Also “to-dos” seems to have dissapered in the add account dialogies box,

you mean that you have no options in tools - accounts - new account now??


I have tried multiple times but my icloud calendar just won’t show. This is with version 5.

Apple has changed their service and we need to reflect that change by rewriting parts of eM Client’s code.

Unfortunately ETA on new patch with solution is not known yet.


Same here, Win v8.1, eMC v5; iCloud contacts OK, but iCloud calendar simply gone. Setting up another iCloud account and deactivating the previous - non working one - did not help any. No sync errors. Sync log says CalDav is being synced.

Would hate to throw eM Client off the PC and revert to Outlook for various reasons. Come on guys, you can do it!

This is actually issue on Apple’s side, we did not changed anything in eM Client to make this not work, they changed their system and we need now need to reflect it, very possibly other email clients will have these (or similar) problems too.



I am using version 5. It’s still not working and eMclient doesn’t seem to realize there’s a problem. No error messages of any kind.

It appears we will have to patiently wait for our friends at eM to work on way to update eM Client to reflect the changes from Apple’s side.

Thanks John for your earlier confirmation!

Yesterday I deleted my account that referred to my icloud calender to se if that would fix the problem. It didn’t.

When I added a new account (that would be set up to interact with icloud) the wizard did not show an option wheather I would like to sync the reminders. It only asked for email, calendar and contacts. My comment above referred to tha fact that I could not choose that I want to sync reminders as well. But, maybe that is embedded in the syncing of the calendar.


The same issue for me.

I tried to restored calendar from backup to see my iCloud calendar events with Internet disconnection.
I fould all events from last synchronization of eM Client with iCloud.

But after connecting to Internet again and synchronizing with iCloud, iCloud calendars disappeared in eM Client.

Thanks for earlier confirmation of issue!

Same here with 5 & 6 (pro lic & free) - i switched back to outlook…

I have to say, this seems like a really debilitating problem from a functionality standpoint. I hope eMclient fixes it quickly or I’d imagine they will start to lose users quickly on this one.

Using version 5.0.18661.0 here and my iCloud calendar also disappeared.

Indeed. Being down all day with no calendar or contact functionality is not a good start for us new users. And I just purchased a license to boot. Outlook is not having this issue. I would like to cut eM Client some slack on this, but not having an estimate for fixing this issue is not a good sign. I will resist the temptation to revert to Outlook (and ask for a refund), but my patience is waning…

We have the same problem here, version 5.0.19001.0

It is not good to live without calendar and contacts in our business …

I posted this same issue earlier today (Tuesday), now contacts are gone.