iCloud: authentificationfailed with Application Specific Password

I am trying to access my icloud emails with eMClient. I retrieve a new, Application Specific Password from Apple. All settings (IMAP, SMTP) have originally been generated automatically by eM Client, I assume this is all correct.  (IMAP imap.mail.me.com, port 933, SMTP smtp.mail.me.com, port 587 ). For e-Mail and User Name I set my icloud email address and the password is said application specific one. (even tried already to generate another one, no change).
emClient continues to report the message from the server “[AUTHENTIFICATIONFAILED] Authentification failed” and asks for the password. I tried even here the application specific password but even the regal iCloud password. Nothing works.

I found that iCloud set up initially OK with the email address and app specific password just from the general tab authentication section.

Then the contacts or calendar failed with the same error at different times.

I ended up copy and pasting the app specific password into each tab in the Authentication section using my icloud.com user name (email address without the ‘@icloud.com’) and the app specific password.

When I get the error I have pasted the same app specific password again into whichever was failing and it seems to start working again.