Icewarp migration to Nextcloud via Emclient

I need to migrate about nine icewarp accounts on a local server running icewarp to a new VM of Nextcloud. Problem is, I only need to migrate the calendar and events. Presently I am not running an email service on the new VM of Nextcloud. I figured I would be able to create a new account manually in emclient and select webdav calendar, All done on the clients windows 10 workstation. Then basically copy the calendar over to the new account thru emclient. I would do the same for tasks. However, I have not been able to do this.

I would hate to have to export all the calendar data to an ics file and then import it by hand to the new VM of Nextcloud. Because the VM of Nextcloud is not running a email service and Nextcloud is just forwarding to their external email out on the internet, I cannot seem to figure out how to create a new account with just calendar and tasks.

Is there an easier way to do this? Or, Do I have to manually export ics files and then import them to the new VM with Nextcloud?

Im terrible at describing things. So, Let me boil down my problem here.

  1. Is it possible to setup a new account in emclient that just has calendar and tasks?
  2. Can I add a new calendar to an existing account but have it coming from a different server? I have tried adding one and emclient doesnt like that its not from the same server.

Go to Menu > Accounts and add a new account by clicking on the Add account button. Scroll down to Calendars and select the best option.

No, but you can add it as a separate account.

You could setup the NextCloud account in eM Client, and then within eM Client just copy the folders from the IceWarp account to the NextCloud account by selecting them and choosing Copy Folder.

Thank you for your response.

I select ACCOUNTS and then NEW, Then CALENDAR , Then WEBDAV . Then fill in the all the information. However, The new calendar does not show up in emclient. I did a restart of emclient and still does not show up. Perhaps I am missing a step somewhere?

From the beginning I figured that I would just create a new account and manually setup the calendar and it should appear on the left of emclient. However, It doesnt.

I will look more into this and try again.

Thanks Gary,

That is one of the most irritating things. I think it is because the CalDAV uri is not correct, so even though it accepts your credentials, it doesn’t populate the calendar section in eM Client.

And usually there will be no error either, so looking for one in Menu > Operations > Log, won’t reveal much.

Yes, A bit frustrating. Just tried again.

So, Let me get this straight, When you do add a new calendar correctly then emclient should list it on the left. Under what heading would it be ? I do not want it tied to the old Icewarp account (user@sd.local). The old icewarp account already has a calendar.

In the manual setup I clicked on default folder for the calendar and I cannot select any folder for that as I get the error: “The folder you selected does not belong to this CalDav account”. So, I assume I do not have to set the folder location or I am missing something here.

Path to calendar:

I have also tried the other possible path that I got from Nextcloud:

In the Calendar section of eM Client you will see all the calendars listed. In this screenshot I have calendars with GMX CalDAV, Google Calendar, one Internet Calendar and local folders. Your NextCloud calendar should appear there as its own section just like the IceWarp calendar.

If you have a Pro License, and because you are using the IceWarp Desktop Client I assume you do, it might be an idea to open a support ticket with eM Client.

What might help a lot is confirming some learning here. :slight_smile: I am somewhat inexperienced with calendars and email.

Im thinking that in order to run a new calendar it must have a email service to function correctly. Currently I have nextcloud setup to just forward to their main third party offsite email address. If thats the case I might have to fire up a email server on the VM to handle local only emails in order for this to work correctly?

Or am I wrong perhaps? I do have a pro account but just wanted to resolve this in the forum as its probably a lack of knowledge on my end really.

Not necessarily, but there are some dis-advantages. One has to do with invitations. As far as I know if the CalDAV is not associated with an email account, the server cannot send the invitation, so it will be sent by eM Client instead. Or maybe that is an advantage. :roll_eyes:

eM Client 8.1 comes with NextCloud support. What that actually means, I am not sure, but Support should be able to assist you in getting the NextCloud calendar working.

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Ok, Backup the boat. I cannot connect to the nextcloud VM via browser login on client computer. So, I have an underlying problem :frowning: . I have to go thru the firewall and config for apache2 I guess.

I am still running ver. 7 because 8 has a terrible GUI for the calendar. The fonts and colors are not like ver. 7 and to be honest are terrible. :frowning:

Thank you very much for adding to my knowledge. I really do appreciate it!