I would like to move eM Client's mail folder to a PenDrive (USB flash drive)! How can I do that?

Currently I am using Mozzila Thunderbird 24.3.0.
The program files are installed on my C: drive,
but the profile folder is on my PenDrive (USB Flash Drive).

I would like to switch to eM Client (the Pro version),
but want to keep storing my emails on my PenDrive.

How can I do that?

I found a way:

I move the entire
“C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Roaming\eM Client”
folder to my PenDrive, then in
folder I create an NTFS soft link with the following command:
mklink /D “eM Client” “T:\eM Client Test Folder”

This is working well! But it is a little bit tricky solution…

Is there an official way to do this?

I did not found eM Client mail folder in Windows Registry…

I know, it is not recommended to store mail folder on PenDrive
because it can be slow (mine is not, because I use a TrueCrypt
image on the PendDrive as T:) and data can be corrupted
(I backup the entire image often).

Hi, eM Client is not supported as portable version and because of that I do not suggest it.
Any issues caused by this will not be supported.


I see.
I think I will wait for a eM Client Portable version…

Portable version is not planned or considered at this moment.