I want to turn OFF exchange calendar and contacts?

i downloaded eM to be more icloud based than my Outlook.  
I want to be able to send/receive exchange email, but want to use my icloud calendar and contacts as my default.  can the exchange contacts and calendar be deleted from eM, or can they only be ‘checked’ and ‘unchecked’?  thank you very much!

Hi Braden,
unfortunately it is not possible to separate the Contacts and Calendar from Exchange accounts, so you cannot turn them off and keep the Mail options.


Ok, so how do we turn them both off?

You cannot disable Contacts and Calendar and still have Mail. It is an all or nothing option for those three.

If you only want email, an option is to use IMAP to connect to your server instead of Exchange.


You will need the IMAP and SMTP settings for your server. Some Exchange servers may not have IMAP enabled, so you need to check on that.

Then in Menu > Tools > Accounts, add a new account and choose Mail > Other.

After entering your email address, choose IMAP.

Enter you details and complete the wizard.