i want to one thing that to support "individualized contact backup function".

eM Client is very good App.
i want to one thing that to support “individualized contact backup function”.
i think about …
eM Client’s backup support only bulk backup function.
i need to “individualized contact backup function”.
because of ,
My contact is One-Sync. in all device on G-mail account.
so My mobile mistake or error input a address.
oh-ups~~ that address break in all my device.

eM Client’s bulk backup so not smart.
in contact part.
we have simple thinking.
add buckup option.
-individualized contact backup : individualized contact backup vcf file into zip
-bulk contact backup : all contact DB backup(eM Client encoding)

thank you for to support Good software-eM Client.

Hi, you can backup your contacts to .vcf files as well, just go to File > Export and chose the appropriate option (which would be export contacts into .vcf files).

Thank you,

thank you for a your advice.
but i want to backup as automatic function.

Unfortunately in that case there’s no automatic backup just for .vcf files (or generally contacts), you can use the automatic backup for the whole client though.
I hope this helps and that this is not a big issue for you.

Thank you for understanding,