I Want to knaw about few option's are available in application

       I have define Options below. is there any options availave in Available application. How can i find that option in application.

* Options are:

  1. Keep copy of message on the server
  2. Automatically delete message after [30] days
    3  Delete from server when message is moved to delete folder.

Could you please provide information regarding this.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi, yes you can find these settings under Tools > Accounts > Your POP3 account > POP3, there should be a server settings option allowing you to set this up.

Hope this helps.


Hi Paul 

   Thanks for reply,
    I have gone through the steps as you shown but  Account form i have seen IMAP, SMTP and other tab but POP3 tab will not shown.

How can i see the POP3 tab ?

Thanks & Regards,

Hi again the options listed in your original post, won’t be available when using an IMAP account (which you have currently setup).
IMAP synchronizes all your items between your server and your email client, that way everything you see in eM Client is also available on the server.

If you want to use the above options you would have to setup a POP3 account using the manual setup in eM Client. However my best suggestions would be to keep using IMAP as POP accounts are outdated and force you to keep local data if you use the automatic deletion from the server.

Using the POP3 account you are also suggested to keep another backup of all your data since the messages can be automatically removed from the server using the above setup, causing you to lose any kind of server side backup.