I want to clear my emails, calendar and tasks and import from Office

I know how to import my Outlook 2003 .pst files.
What I don’t know is how to clear out the mail, calendar and tasks already in eM client.
They are there from a previous import of .pst files a half year ago. 
I want a clean slate prior to doing the import.

Hello Michael, to create a new database, navigate to your user/AppData/Roaming folder using Windows Explorer, and remove the current eM Client database folder, next application startup will force to create a new empty database allowing you to start from scratch.

Hope this helps.

Yes, this worked.  Thank you.

NOW…if I want to move saved email folders, updated calendar and tasks BACK TO Outlook 2003, is that possible? 

Hello Michael, unfortunately eM Client does not include export into standard outlook PST files, but you can export your items to folders and reimport using any email client. 

Hope this helps.

Paul, can you be more specific about how you define “your items”?
A mail message?
A mail folder?
A task?
A calendar item?

You can check the options for export in the export menu in File > Export.

You can export your emails into .eml files, events into .ics (icalendar) files, and more…