I used the deduplicator and it has deleted everything in my inbox and now i cant find it anywhere.

I used the deduplicator and it has deleted everything in my inbox…  I have looked everywhere and cant find the emails,  they have now been deleted from my other devices where i use live mail.  Please tell me these can be retrived

The Deduplicator will find duplicate messages and move only the duplicate to the location you specified in the wizard.

The default option is to move the items to Trash. So look in that folder. If you selected to permanently delete the items, then that will be what it did. You cannot undelete something that you selected to permanently delete. However, the other copy of the message will still be in it’s original location.

There was only one copy as far as i know of the messages i have lost. I have looked in the trash box as well as every other box and cant find the messages

That is not the way the Deduplicator works. It will only find exact duplicate messages, one (1) will be handled as you specified (2) and other one is left where it was.

It won’t list or affect messages that are not listed in the wizard, or that don’t have duplicates.

Maybe there was something else you did that cleared out your Inbox.

Ok, have you any suggestions as to how i can retrieve them? They disappeared at the same time i did the deduplicator as no matter where i look I cannot find them. They have been deleted from all my devices, some of which are on windows live mail. It only appears to have deleted my inbox for dome reason.

If you used the Deduplicator, and it was set to move the duplicates to the Trash, then you will find one of the messages in its original location, and the duplicate in the Trash.

Otherwise if the whole Inbox disappeared, that is not the function of the Deduplicator. It could be one of the other devices connected to that account, or more likely the provider.

I have spoken to the provider who says it mist be something to do with the deduplicator. Although there is only circa 20 emails they are important. Very disappointed as things were fine until i started using eM client. Surely they cannot have been completely deleted, have you no suggestions as to what to do

As I said, if it was the Deduplicator, then the only duplicate messages would have been moved to the destination you selected. If you selected Trash, that is where you will find them. If you selected a custom folder, that is where you will find them. If you selected to permanently delete them, well . . . permanently means you will not be able to undelete them. 

But these are only the duplicates. The others should still be in their original folders, as Deduplicator only deletes the duplicates, hence the name.

But you can also restore your last backup. Depending on when you last did that, you should be able to recover something. You will want to disconnect from the Internet before you do that as the server will just delete the Inbox again immediately after the restore. Once the restore is complete, move the missing messages to Local Folders. If Local Folders are not visible, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders. Once you have moved the messages, reconnect to the Internet and wait for eM Client to complete the sync with the server. You should then be back to an empty Inbox just as you were before the restore. Now move the messages from Local Folders back to the Inbox.