I use one email account for several purposes - need multiple signatures

I use the same email address for several groups I volunteer with and would like to be able to easily switch signatures based on who I am communicating with like I can in Microsoft Outlook.

How do I do that using eM Client?

lunes 12 octubre 2020 :: 0853hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Geogguy

Menu ->Settings ->Mail ->Templates and Signatures ->Near bottom right click Signature…
In the window that opens create, name and save your Signatures

To use with a particular email: New -> in the new email window in the toolbar immediately above the message area select the Signature button (You will need to trial & error this to find the button - I think default is 3rd from left) and choose the specific signature you require from the drop-down. (You can customise the toolbar using right-click)

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