I upgraded today and when transfer from version 6 to 7 there are now emails in the inbox

I upgraded today and when transfer from version 6 to 7 there are now emails i can not delete in the inbox as well the whole system is not performing well. I can not move these email to another folder. It seems the transfer of data did not go well. I want v6 back as well as my money. It takes way to long for replies from you guys

I have the same problem and more as I could not install version 7 over the 6 and was forced to clean up before installing. Version 7 is not stable and I have difficulties to work with.
So I uninstalled the whole setup and using my old backups I now am with the old version 6 .
My plan is to wait for a revision as I bet that people on eM Client are working as hell to solve problems. It was a too early launch ! 

we’re sorry for any inconvenience you have encountered with version 7.
You can uninstall version 7 at any time and install version 6 from our website at any time (the link is in the text under the Download button for v7).

If you have any concerns about your purchase, please contact our Sales department - [email protected]


Thanks Olivia, it’s a good thing you show interest in our concern. I have no claim on my purchase. For the moment I will look at money spent as to a “long term” investment :-), waiting for the moment you will consider your version 7 “really” working. If EmClient will let us know that, I will make a new attempt to upgrade using my new serial and finally leaving version 6.
Have a nice time Manlio ([email protected])