I upgrade to version 7 , to restore the backup the calendar came back empty, lost all scheduled jobs ?

I upgrade to version 7 , to restore the backup the calendar came back empty, lost all scheduled jobs ?

After installing eM7, I imported my data from its folder. Mail (including my local folders & contents), and Contacts have imported correctly, but my Calendar and Tasks haven’t. I don’t know how to fix this.

Hello, do your Calendar and Tasks appear on the left sidebar or are they completely absent?

Both are there and, having lost the contents of both in the upgrade, I have had to repopulate both folders over the past few weeks. I think you will find there are a number of comments from other users who have experienced the same problem, and aren’t very happy.

Same here…just updated to newest version and both tasks and calendar are empty.  I am assuming there is no way to back off this update, so my question is how can I repopulate these items without having to do so manually?

Hello Al,
have you migrated your database? If not, you can import now using File>Import>Import from eM Client 6.

Another issue could be if this is a Microsoft account that is set up with AirSync. If that is the case, you need to set up your account as Exchange.
If this is a different account, let me know what it is and how it’s set up.

You can downgrade to v6 if you prefer, it’s still available on our Download site http://www.emclient.com/download
But security updates will be supported only for cca another year and updates for this version will not be frequent.


When the upgrade from version 6 to version 7 ran, I got an error message ‘operation failed: object reference not set to an instant of the object’. Everything seems to be fine, except for my calendar. Please fix this problem quick…this is critical for me.

FYI, this import error only happens when I select ‘Local Folders’

I. too had the same problem when upgrading to V7. I have now done a system restore to go back to the previous version. Your solution is not good enough. The “migration” should be automatic, with all data restored to as it was.