I switched to Outlook 365

eM Client version 8 took 5 minutes to download an 8 mb attachment. Sender and subject line will appear but the actual message takes forever to pop in. A whole day’s worth of incoming or outgoing email well vanish, then later re-appear. Constant server error messages, over and over and over. Almost completely incompatible with att.net.

All of these issues are gone now that I’ve migrated Outlook. eM client, you have a LOT of work to do.

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I am sorry @Pat_Dominick1 that you had so many issues with V8. I am also sorry to see you migrate to Outlook. I personally have just recently migrated from Outlook to V8 and though there have been a few things that I have reported to support, overall my experience does not reflect what has been written on the forum as of late. I hope you will continue to watch the forum and give eM mail client a try again.

Good luck with everything.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll miss the close integration with google contacts and calendar, but I’ll work around it. There were other issues.

For some reason when I upgraded to V8 my eM Client icon on my taskbar disappeared. I now have this -


Also, for some time now when I clicked on the icon on the taskbar it wouldn’t open, just play a little ding sound. Then it would open the 2nd time. Very buggy.

UnInstall V8 and delete all database located in C:\Users\NAME\AppData related to eM Client.
Start fresh and run as admin the setup make a clean install dont import any data from other email client just setup all the mail account 1 by 1 this should fix all issue if you are running on an up-to-date Window 10 OS.
Also I have UAC off to avoid any process being blocked.

same here. was looking for an client as an “All in One” Solution and in the beginning em CLient was that solution till… ya till all the errors and probs came up. emC is not ready yet. its more a beta then a fully working email client…
Maybe next version but for now outlook is the better one