I see no way to sync eM Client tasks with iCloud tasks. No such option in setting up new eM acct.. I have everything else synced.

How do I sync eM tasks with iCloud tasks? no such option presented when creating a new account within eM. Everything else is synced just fine.

Hi, how did you setup your account, all you should need to do is to setup your icloud account using the automatic setup in eM Client and all your items should be automatically synchronized with the server, Tasks service is setup as part of the Calendar (CalDAV) service, so if your calendar has been setup, Tasks should also be available.

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OK, it worked! Originally I set it up manually. I did another “Auto” account and it turned on Tasks.  Tasks sync bi-directinally with iPhone now.

However the new acct. is POP but I’m using IMAP in the original acct. for iCloud/iPhone syncing. What do I do now? Do I need to convert the new Auto acct. to IMAP and disable the previous one, or keep them both active or what?

Thank you.

I did something perhaps unorthodox, I fully disabled the new account by unchecking the little box in bottom left of screen, the creation of which got Tasks synced with iCloud in the first place. Tasks are still sync but now NO error messages from the new POP account that I don’t need or use since I have my original IMAP account. Now, it would be interesting to see if I could delete the POP account and have Tasks still syncing in both directions.

Not completely sure if I understand all you should have to do is to have a single iCloud account setup by the automatic setup, such account should automatically synchronize all your items including tasks.
If you’ve setup the account manually it may have been setup as a POP3 account as that is the default option when using the manual setup.


Well, it is all working and all is now synced, it’s just that I have 3 accts. IMAP, iCloud and POP.  POP,  the  new one is disabled, but it’s the one I did AUTO that got my TASKS in sync with the iCloud/iPhone. I’m afraid to mess with it further for fear of breaking something. IT’s all working fine. Now I don’t recall where the iCloud account came from. The IMAP acct. is from when I moved my Outlook account over when I initially installed eMClient.  I need IMAP for email syncing with the phone.

Are you saying this should all work with just a single account? BTW,  I do not use iCloud email. Just the ATT/Yahoo with the @pacbell.net domain from my ISP provider.


If you’re not using iCloud’ email you will need two accounts, one for your email and one for your iCloud tasks etc.
If you have a @pacbell.net, iCloud and another POP/IMAP account. You should be able to remove the POP/IMAP account that was previously unable to synchronize your tasks.

Keep the working iCloud account that was added using the automatic account and your pacbell account for your mails.

Before deleting, you can also disable the account in your account preferences, to check if you’d be missing any important data by deleting, disabling the account will not remove any data for the selected account, just hide it and stop any synchronization between the client and the server for that account.

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OK, very helpful, thank you!

case closed!