I receive error code 400 when trying to send mail in hotmail

I’m running Windows 7 and have Outlook (Hotmail) as my e-mail provider

does the problem still persist? If so, can you please post here a screenshot of the error message? Thank you.

Yes, this happens if I setup a new account using Automatic Setup or if I select Outlook under mail. If I choose other and set Hotmail up as a POP it works, however, I have a file in Hotmail called (save) and it does not sync that file up.

I was using Windows Live Mail but in some cases it won’t send pictures that is why I started to use your program.

Please help.

An Error occurred
Sending email failed with an error: The remote server returned an error:
(400) Bad Request.

It seems that there is some problem in the AirSync synchronization. Please set the account using automatic discover again and enable AirSync logging. Then restart eM Client, wait until the error message appears again and send us the logs. I think the problem is on the server’s side, but I want to make sure. Thank you.

Am getting the same issue, just started yesterday afternoon.

Here is the screenshot of the log file