I need to be able to include a company logo at the top of my emails and the image is not displaying once it is sent to receipents

I need to be able to include a company logo at the top of my emails. I am copying and pasting it into the email and it appears just fine. But when I send it to others it shows up as a CID image. I am using Windows 8 and the latest version of Internet Explorer as this is a brand new computer I am using. I have the eM Client settings set up to display as HTML. I cannot understand why the images are not appearing in the text of the email as I need them to. Can you help?

Hi Shannon,

I’ve passed thru this as well and I recommend you try to change the name of that logo file to a simple name as possible and all the folders names of the path to get it there.
Then retry to insert it again in a NEW message and let’s find out what happens.

If that don’t get ir right yet, try to use an HTML editor like “kompozer” to build an HTML version of that “template” then copy the code (from the

to the .
Then open a NEW message window and right click on it - pick the “INSERT HTML” and a new window will open - Now right click on it and PASTE.
Oh, I forgot to say that you need to NAME it.
Now try to open a template and look if it’s “ok” now…

Hi Marcelo Ribeiro Simões, I never tried to insert a logo on my e-mails, but I’m interested in.
What code is to copy in an html page?

Hi France,

In fact we can insert a logo into a message in many different ways.
One of the most simple and common is just by doing what you do to insert any image in the body of the text - right click, insert, image, find you file, ok - ta-daa.

The second way you just need to start to edit a new template and do the same, so you’ll get a logo where you want but now you’ll have the option to use it like the default NEW message (your NEW message pattern) or you could use it just when you want to.

But, the good news is that we can INSERT HTML codes  into any “NEW” message and template messages.  So you can build them using your favorite HTML editor then getting the HTML code and pasting it into the INSERT/HTL window of a “NEW” message or a template.

To open the window that you can use to paste the HTML code, all you have to do is open a (for example) NEW message then right-click inside the text window, pick INSERT, then HTML.

The empty HTML window will open.
Just right click on it (the blanc part) and paste it (your template, signature or both - code).
Save it.

Now you’ll be able to use it any time you want…

I have a logo, but no HTML code and I don’t know how to write the code even if I go to an HTML editor.  Thoughts on how I can get my logo to have HTML code even though it’s just an image at this point?  With HTML code writing knowledge I feel lost.

I meant to say without knowing HTML code writing knowledge I feel lost.

Take it easy, Shannon.
It’s very easy to do what you want.

First, you have to be sure that all our messages are set to be build in “HTML” mode.

Go to Tools / Settings / Email / Writing (or something like that)
Please pick the HTML “email Format”.
Save it - Apply / OK.

Now, please open  NEW message window.
Get the text cursor to the place you want your logo.
Now click on the “tiny picture” icon right above the text window.
Find your image file, select it then click “OK”.
Now it must be showing inside your message window…

Even you don’t know HTML you’ve just generated one.
Every single change you do now that generate some changes at the HTML code that is maintaining the look of your message.

Now you can get your images into your messages window at the “right spot” you want.

Try it and let me know.

Hello Marcelo,
for me the test is horrible! I see my profile picture of Facebook!
The image is inserted, but it does not look like a logo. It’s not possible to write on top right side, keeping a margin…I surely did something wrong…

I’m not sure what you mean by “tiny picture” icon.  Can you clarify?  I’ve gotten that far, but am not sure what you mean.

never mind! I found it. I’ve actually done this process already and it works fine at the start.  My image comes in and it looks great, but then when I send it and view the image from the email accounts I’m sending it to it does not show up.  It will say something like cid image: and then a bunch of numbers.

Hi Shannon,

First, your folders to the picture (path) must have simple names to avoid errors.
No special characters and, try to avoid spaces.  Just for a test, ok?

My suggestion is to keep all images that you think you’ll use in the same project at the same folder.

Here’s the trip…

The second possible problem origin is not about your images, folders or the way you’re inserting it. But a simple case of Gmail (or any other service) issue.

I used to have Thunderbird here and after my second Gmail account, one of them stopped to send messages with images, but only texts - I still have no idea WHY…

I suggest you to edit our image, change the extension (convert to a different file extension - png, jpg, jpeg…) then try it again.

Try to send the same message with that image from a different account, if you have another, of course…

Hi France,

Please, try to follow the tips I’ve posted here…

Hi, sorry for my belated reply to this issue, I’m glad you were able to find a solution with our users, please let us know if you come across this or any similar issues or if you need further assistance with the setup, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Marcelo explained very well. I hope Shannon has obtained what he wanted.
Unfortunately, I did not obtained what I wanted. I understood how to insert an image and a table, but it looks awful.Maybe what I want can only be obtained with some program like Microsoft office/exchange.

Not completely sure what you were trying to achieve from the above posted replies, however if you’re trying to insert text over your image, that is unfortunately not possible using the options included in the compose message window, you’d have to create an image with the text included, however this would disable the possibility to copy the text from the picture.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul. Yes you help me. I understand it’s not possible to obtain what I would like (to insert text around image).