I need an Outlook Notes solution?

I run eM Client with lifetime updates. The one thing missing, and preventing me from uninstalling MS Outlook completely, is that eM appears to have no way to import Microsoft Outlook Notes. I have many Notes accumulated over the years that are still very relevant to me. Is there a widget, add-in, or third-party app that will run in eM t allow me to import my MS Outlook Notes?

Hi Allan

I don’t think you can do that, however you can export the notes from Outlook into a CSV file and import that into Excel or some other application. This web site shows hoe to export the notes

hello and thank you for the reply. I’ve already gone the CSV route but need a place, preferably a application, to put my stuff. On the link you provided was an android app called Note Everything. Would you know if either Note Everything or Note Everything Pro works for windows?

Microsoft OneNote (free app) or the version that comes with Office.