I love using eMClient....until I begin to look to SPAM management

I love using eMClient…until it comes to his spam management functions. I cannot creat a whitelist, it send mail that I want to keep directly into the spam folder without even asking me! Even mails that i send from one of my addresses to a different one I use for specific purposes is send to the Spam folder!!

Does anyone knows how to avoid this spam managements problem. I have the trial version and want to buy the propfessional but in this circunstances I don ́t know if I should…white mail going directly to SPAM folder? Not gonna happen!

Hi Eugenio,

Actually eM Client doesn’t have a spam filter … but there’s another thread in this forum dealing with the exact same issue as you have … so I assume people of eM Client will have a look into it.

I used to have Eset Smart Security on my computer when I was still using Thunderbird. Eset Smart Security could integrate with Thunderbird and decide which e-mails are spam, and move them to a special spam folder.

But I don’t think there are antivirus / firewalls who can integrate with eM Client, so I assume this can not be the cause.

I do know that spamihilator can work with eM Client though … are you using such a third party program?

Thanks for your comment Hans. I ́m not using spamihilator or any other program of that kind. I saw that some people point out the same problem that I have and in fact, there is a rule that came with eMclient when you install it. that you cannot modify nor even see what is inside the rule to look what does the rule do. Seems a little odd that such a nice piece of SW can have such a flaw. I continusly find messages that I want to keep and they are already in the SPAM folder.

Hi Eugenio,

This rule in eM Client which you can not edit seems to be somehow from a mail server. I also have this rule (although I’m not sure I’ve ever made a rule on one of the servers of my e-mail accounts).

Hi Eugenio as Hans suggested the Rule takes in account your server spam filter, eM Client does not have a junk mail filtering system. Unfortunately since you can not adjust server side rule in eM Client this rule can not be edited.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,

We still should try to find out why a lot of e-mails end up automatically in the spam folder of Eugenio.

Thanks Paul, I understand that I cannot view/edit the rule for taht reason. But what can I do to avoid that messages I want to keep go to the Spam Folder?


Hi again Eugenio, as to eM Client, you can only keep an organized blacklist to contain addresses you really want to be moved to the junk mail folder. But if your server rule moves some messages into the Junk folder that you’d like to keep, I’m afraid I can’t advise on this issue, please contact your mail service provider in order to resolve such issue.

Thank you for understanding,