I know of emails sent to me that are undelivered. They are contacts I have in my address book. They get my emails, but I don't get theirs.

I know of emails sent to me that are not delivered. These are contacts I have in my address book. They get my emails, but I don’t get theirs. I don’t know what to do about this?

I am here about the same issue.  My sister and I both use eM Client and while I get her messages, she does not get mine. If I sent from the gmail web interface they go through immediately, but when I send from eM Client they never arrive.  We are both in each others contacts and they have not gone through to spam or anything like that.  We have no idea if it is at my end or her end, but both of us are sending and receiving messages fine from other people.

We got it fixed. It was coming from our previous email server. Anyone with that email address, in our case blackfoot.net, all those emails were not coming to us. We called that company and they released the alias’s and now, lo and behold I am getting those emails. I tested it with a couple different people and they are coming through. So if you switched recently, I would call your previous email provider and have them release your DNS and all alias’s. Hopefully you will have your issue fixed soon. Good luck!

Glad to hear yours got fixed. I don’t think that is our problem though. We have both been with our providers for some years.

Hello Barb,
thank you for letting us know about the solution to your issue, glad it has been fixed.


Hello Lm,
I’ll need more information to see what the problem could be.
This happens only with the one gmail account?
Are the messages actually sent/are they in the Sent folder?
Is there no error in the Operations window when you send the messages to your sister?


It happens with both of my gmail accounts. My sister is with ntlworld.

All messages I send appear in the Inbox - a minor irritation I have always had with gmail.  The ones I have sent with the gmail web interface to test it also appear in eM Client.

There are no error messages when I send them.