I just updated my email client an it has reset everything.

I just updated my email client an it has reset everything. I Keep trying to restore the back up but even though it starts, it goes back to the same point

i am trying once again…says wait 20 mins…

sounds like you accidentally skipped the data migration from eM Client 6. This is needed because eM Client has a new database structure.
You can import these data manually using the Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6 option.


what does data migration mean in your words? I clicked to convert, there was not message to tell me to do anything different. I want to get back the old system! I lost all of my TAGS that were set on emails. Now my priorities have been lost! HOW TO I GET BACK TO WHERE I WAS BEFORE CONVERSION TO NEW (ugh) SYSTEM.

Hello Dave,
EM Client 7 has a whole new database structure, so the data from eM Client 6 need to be migrated into the new files in eM Client 7.
Were the categories set and synchronized to your mail server or were they the local categories? Which mail account did this happen with?

If you haven’t deleted your old database files you can downgrade by uninstalling eM Client 7 and installing eMM Client 6 again. The installation file is available on our website under the main download.