I just realized I cannot send or receive...and I refuse to try and find my question thread...AGAIN...

I am trying to get my free license …mine has expired?? I keep getting a failed …license already exists…I can receive but I cannot send…any help??
I have been working on this site trying to find someone who can help mr for an hour and a half

As already answered in two other topics, you have a DEMO license and not a FREE license. You need to register for a free license on our site and then *activate* eM Client with the activation key you receive.

well…Filip…first of all I could not find an answer …and everytime I went to look I would lose my original question…that’s why there were several.
second…EVERY time I tried to get a new license your site told me I already had one …but I tried to retrieve an activation code anyway…I had been trying this for well over a week with no response…obviously today…i could not receive a response even if one was sent.

sorry I accidentally clicked reply before I was finished. I tried my husband’s email to send the code to and it came up…
No need to reply I can now use my email.

You can always retrieve your activation key from http://www.emclient.com/lost-activati…. It’s linked from our main site.