I imported the emails from eml files and now I have a lot of duplicate emails how can I remove them?



Do you have both emails in one folder (inbox)?
Unfortunately now you have to delete them manually, in 6th version there will be “deduplicator” function exactly for this.

If you will delete them manually and they will not be in one folder delete those not under your email account but those under local folders.

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Just taken eM (ver 6) for a testdrive. I imported from Outlook 2007 when invited to do so and have ended up with hundreds of duplicate files like the person who started this thread. I ran the “deduplicator” you speak of and it found exactly 4 duplicates from the many hundreds that were blatently staring me in face (and continue to do so). Several more attempts resulted in “no duplicates found”. Really? If you software is going to do this duplication thing then why on earth do you offer you unsuspecting victims the option to import if the first time you use your software to download emails from the email server it downloads all the ones it has previously imported? Crazy. And it gets worse. Now I think “Ok I’ll uninstll the software - reinstall it - only this time I WON’T import anything, and just download all those server stored emails the once.” But no. On reinstalling eM I find that - hey presto - I still have all those hundreds of duplicate files that were present before the bogus uninstall. eM didn’t even have to access my mail server. They were just there again! So, main question is: how do I get rid of all those duplicates WITHOUT having to do each of them manually - as I’d rather ditch your software than do that.

if you want to delete all the application data you have to go to your Local folder, show hidden folder and go to “App Data > Roaming > eM Client” and delete all the database files.
However can you provide screenshots of “proof” that the deduplicator function is not functional?
If there’s an issue with the function we’d be happy to find a solution to make it work.