I imported a folder with 13 emails into a local folder and I see only 8 of them in eM.

Evaluating latest free eM Client version 7 to use in Windows 10, before committing to upgrade. I need to import my wife’s local folders from Windows Mail. I imported a folder with 13 files and see only 8 of them in eM, though the folder properties in eM correctly says 13. Missing emails like this in every folder I import. Naturally, this is a deal-breaker. Files are sorted by “received” although the folder also contains files that were sent. I think “date” would be better.
Why does eM Client not show all emails in the local folders?

Try turning off conversations. If there are three emails in a conversation,  the list only says 1 email, even when the folder shows 3.

That fixed my problem. Thanks Gary.