I HIGHLY suggest you don't use the deduplicator tool, or at least be sure you have a back up.

It bit me yesterday, but I thought I had figured out it’s quirks and knew how to work around it. Well tonight I ran it on a large folder, in the hopes of removing the duplicates that this software itself had created. Instead of moving the duplicates to the trash as I told it to, it permanently deleted ALL files from the folder. Somewhere around 2000 emails gone. Poof. Lost forever.

Fortunately, I had a recent backup using another email client due to all the issues with this thing, and after an hour or two of lost time and frustration, I was able to restore the lost emails.

If you must use it, I suggest using the “Move to folder” option. At least then you have a fighting chance of it not ruining your day.

Hello Calan,
were these only duplicates or did you lose any non-duplicated emails as well?
What mail account did this happen on?


" Instead of moving the duplicates to the trash as I told it to, it permanently deleted ALL files from the folder."

Standard IMAP account

The same thing happened to me.  ALL messages that were in the folder  - thousands - were deleted when there were only 14 duplicates.  Highly disconcerting.  I can’t afford to use a communication application that is so unreliable. There’s no excuse for such a grievous problem.

we managed to replicate the issue with deduplicator tool and are working on a fix.


This is good news. Thank you for following up on this important topic.

Wow, This is a known issue for over a month and I just lost 13 years of emails!

I have been giving emclient the benefit of the doubt with the v8 issues but this is unbelievable!

Maybe an update to remove the option - or at least warn of the potentional problem!

It looks like all of the email except the the last 2 have been moved to trash - I’ll be spending the next few days moving it all back again!

Actually, it was a known issue 4 years ago. I’m not surprised it’s still an issue…what surprises me is that this unbelievably crappy email software apparently still exists, and that I got a notification that someone replied to this forum post I made back in 2016. :slight_smile:

domingo 20 septiembre 2020 :: 1440hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi All…

It never ceases to amaze me that when running something like a Deduplicator or Update, that a backup is NOT taken prior to running the utility, anywhere not just EMC.

We have a routine that is set to automatic:
An incremental backup of everything on all my company computers is run at close of business every day to an off site central location with a drive clone at month end.

With EMC it is so easy to create a backup of all files/folders/emails, and for the sake of safety should be set to: ‘Frequency 1 day’.

It is worth noting that the time of the backup defaults to the previous time it was run, so if you want to backup at close of business, whatever time that is, run a manual backup just before that time as a starter.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!