I have upgraded my license from version 6 to version 7 and installed version 7 but when the program opens....

I have upgraded my license from version 6 to version 7 and installed version 7 but when the program opens it immediately shows a messaage of "going offline- please be patient this may take a while. then sits there for 6 hourss and cannot be minimized or stopped. Does anyone have a fix for this? Help please

I also expect an answer we have to pay this upgrade 7? € 19.95

I have the same problem. They are ignoring it. 

we have been less active on the forum during the version 7 launch and redirected more of our time to improving eM Client 7 and resolving issues on the PRO support to ensure our PAID customers get the service they paid for.
If you experience this issue, please include more details so I can assist you.


I have a PRO account.  Tried starting EM-Client 6 this morning.  It got partway through downloading my e-mail then put up an error message saying that my license was no longer valid.  Also gave me the option to upgrade to version 7.  So, I tried the upgrade.  Version 7 started to start, came up with a “Verify Certificate” message.  Before I could respond to that message, it came up with “Going Offline – This operation may take a long time to complete.  Please be patient”.  I’ve been “patient” for hours now.  BTW, I tried to log into my account for “PRO” support.  Guess where my account info is?  Well, in my e-mail which I now can’t get to!  Also can’t request that my password be sent to me (via e-mail) because I CANNOT CURRENTLY GET TO MY E-MAIL since EM-Client is broken!  AND, YOU WANT TO CHARGE ME FOR THIS UPGRADE!!! 



Uninstalled Version 7, Reinstalled Version 6.  All is working normally again.  Even the license message is gone.  Guess I’ll stay with 6 as long as I can.

Hello Larry,
I suspect the issue was caused by the eM Client database not being migrated (ie, your license info was not brought over to the new database).
I do suggest you save the login to the PRO support outside of the application now or look into webmail options of your mail provider in case of an emergency.