I have two email accounts to receiving emails but I want send emails only from one account.

I have two email accounts. For example account A and B
I have setup A account as default
I click on input box of B account.
I press button to create new message.
Send from is B account but I would like to have A.

In this case what does it mean “default account”?
How can I setup email address to always send email from this address?

Hello Tomasz,
Default account is used when you are not in a folder structure that has an account with an outgoing server setup.
This by default applies to Smart and Local folders.

If you never want to send messages from account B (and account B is set up as IMAP or POP) you can go to Tools>Accounts section and disable the SMTP service for it.
This way the default account will be always applied (since no other sending accounts exists).


Thank you for quick replay, but some times I need send email from B account. :frowning:

Your Default Email Account is used to send all outgoing messages. When you choose a Default Account , it will be listed in the ‘From:’ field of all new and outgoing messages, and any replies to your message will be sent to this address.

No. New/Forward/Replay message, field ‘From’ depends which account is currently active and default account is ignored.

Hello Tomasz,
if you need to keep B account active for sending then you will need to manually change the ‘From’ address when sending new messages/replies when you are in the B’s folder tree.
Or click to the other folder structures first (obviously for New messages only, not replies).


Thank you.
Of course I know how to do it manually as you have written.
I can’t accept this. I can’t imagine that employees have to remember to change “From” field every time and no one do mistake.

Hello Tomasz,
usually they can either click back to the correct folder tree or disable the SMTP servers for other accounts.
This is the designed behaviour.


I see, but I really need this functionality.
I’m very sorry but without it eM Client is useless for me.

By the way thank you for clarify.

Regarding "Your  Default  Email  Account  is used to send all outgoing messages. When you choose a  Default Account , it will be listed in the ‘From:’ field of all new and outgoing messages, and any replies to your message will be sent to this address."

That hasn’t been my experience. The currently active account (per the drop-down menu at the top of a “compose” window) is the one used for the sender. I sometimes forget to change the selection in the drop-down menu and send mail from the wrong account. (That’s my fault — it’s nothing to do with eM Client.)

Hi Mike,
You have no right.
For example, in Mozilla Thunderbird you can chose default email from which you will be send messages. You can setup it per every email account.
I guess this is very useful feature for people who have many email accounts.

Best Regards,
Tomasz Dobrzycki

Hello Mike,
AA550 explained the Default account incorrectly, that can happen (I suspect they are a new user), so that is why I clarified what the designed behaviour is (and a possible workaround).


Tomasz: I think this would be a good feature to have as an option — always send from a particular account, no matter which one is _currently_ selected within eM Client. Options are good things. :slight_smile:

bump - I still think it’s a good idea to have this as an option - especially when you’re migrating to a new email account!

Do as Olivia recommended and disable the SMTP for that account. You can then add B account as an alias on A account, so the drop-down option is still there for those times you need to send from it.