I have two email accounts, one pop and one imap. Can I have a separate contact list for each?

Hi Joe, I’m afraid that if you type in an address while composing new emails, the addresses are fetched from all your contacts folders, but as to the account contacts itself, yes you can have a contacts folder for the imap account, but pop accounts only fetch new emails and do not have a synchronized contacts folder, but you can use your local folders with this account.

My best suggestion here would be setting up the account as IMAP too, in that case you should see a contacts folder for the account (although that depends on the mail service you’re using).

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   Paul, thanks for the reply; I couldn’t find my pop account contact, only my gmail imap contacts. Maybe I didn’t have my pop account enabled; don’t know how that could have happened, but I’m ok now…
   fyi, I tried Postbox for a while, a pretty good program if you like tbird knockoffs, but eM Client does a lot of things better, and sure looks a whole lot better! Sure wish I could customize the task bar, though.

Hi again Joe, as I mentioned previously POP accounts do not have a contacts folder as the POP protocol only supports receiving emails and no other services are connected to it. So if you need to use the POP protocol for this account you would have to use your other contact folders or if not I suggest setting up the account as IMAP.

Hope this helps, glad you like the application,